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CNC Operator

Manchester, Tennessee
CNC Operator - Injection Molding
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Location:   Manchester, Tenn
Help change over and operate injection molding machine.  Perform duties required to change robot end of arm tooling, logo tooling, and molds in the injection molding machine, during changeovers and setups. The operator will also monitor the machine during operation, monitoring material levels, as well as inspecting product on defined intervals. 
Setup, operate and inspect finished parts from a CNC (3) axis vertical machining center. Operator will also adjust machine in order to create parts per drawings.  Work with Injection Molding machine and process as required.  Reports to the supervisor of the Injection mold/ CNC department. 
The CNC operator must be capable of performing all duties associated with setting up the CNC mill, given the part program, tool list, and setup sheets.  The candidate must also have the ability to operate the machine in order to machine the parts, inspect the parts using typical machining variable gages, and make adjustments to manufacture the part to given part drawings.
The CNC operator must also be heavily involved with the setup and operation of the Injection Molding press.  These duties will include but not be limited to, the installation of the machined molds into the injection molding machine, and aiding in the day to day operation issues of the molding process.
The duties include the ability to identify and select cutting tools, calculation of fixture (work) offsets and tool length offsets, as well as possessing basic computer skills in order to communicate with the CNC control.   Must possess basic math skills and thoroughly understand the 3D Cartesian coordinate system.
The CNC operator must be very familiar with the use of standard machining gages, i.e. micrometers, calipers, bore mics, depth mics, etc.  Candidate must also be proficient in working in both inch and metric systems, as well as possessing a high level of ability in reading and interpreting part prints and a thorough understanding of unilateral and bilateral tolerances. 
  1. Calculate fixture (work) offsets and tool length offsets during initial machine setup.
  2. Read and understand setup sheets and install fixtures per setup documentation.
  3. Work with cutting tool nomenclature as called out on setup instructions.
  4. Inspect and measure machined work.
  5. Adjust machine to maintain parts within print specifications.
  6. Perform some assembly and inspect for fit/function.
  7. Inspect parts for proper fit, and re-machine if necessary.
  8. “Build up” and install cutting tools.
  9. Identify when tools need to be changed and perform changes.
  10. Help install molds into Injection Molding machine.
  11. Advise and mentor the injection molding machine operator.
  12. Monitor fluids and perform operator PM requirements.
  1. Participates in design reviews and process reviews to prevent or resolve product or production difficulties.
  2. Supports QA and TQC by making adjustments and re-machining if necessary
  3. Must be able to work independently given the tools, setup instructions, and CNC programs.
  4. Perform simple CNC program edits (tool pocket identification, speed or feed adjustment).
  5. Perform recipe adjustments on Injection Molding machine.
  6. Monitor and document quality data as required
  7. Performs other duties when required or requested.
  1. Minimum five (5) years on the job experience as a CNC machinist, preferably CNC mills.
  2. Vocational or Technical school training in Machining or equivalent work experience.
  3. Experience with variable gaging (Micrometers, depth Mics, bore gages, etc.
  4. Training in print reading or equivalent work experience.
  5. Training in cutting tool use and terminology or sufficient work experience.
  6. Experience or training in G and M code CNC programming.
  7. Familiarity with machining various materials.
  8. Proficient in basic computer skills.
  9. Demonstrated writing and communication skills required
  10. Good interpersonal skills, ability to work within a team, ability to handle multiple tasks
  1. Work may involve standing, bending and lifting for extended periods of time.
  2. Ability to lift 40 pounds overhead.
Barbara Ensminger
Linbar Solutions
VP Operations

Please contact me with any questions:
(w) 423-877-0920
(c)  423-322-3604
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